There are French and Indian War historic sites and museums located in over twenty states and Canada. The list below highlights a few and will change each time you click the refresh button or re-visit this page. View the interactive map to see states represented.

Historical Sites

Fort Loudoun State Historic Area

During the French and Indian War, the colonists of South Carolina felt threatened by French activity in the Mississippi Valley. To counter this threat, the colony sent the Independent Company of So...

Fort Necessity

Fort Necessity was a British fort built in 1754 after Washington’s men skirmished with the French and killed Ensign Jumonville at Jumonville Glen. The fort fell to the French in July 1754. The De...

George Washington’s Headquarters

In the winter of 1757 and early 1758 prior to Forbes’ march on Ft. Duquesne George Washington's Headquarters were located on Greene Street in present-day Riverside Park, Cumberland, Maryland. This...

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