There are French and Indian War historic sites and museums located in over twenty states and Canada. The list below highlights a few and will change each time you click the refresh button or re-visit this page. View the interactive map to see states represented.

Historical Sites

Fort George State Park

The French, under Baron Dieskae, were defeated by the British, led by Sir William Johnson. The ruins of the fort are in the state park.

Halifax Citadel

Halifax was founded in 1749, replacing Port Royal as the capital of Nova Scotia. The military base was one of the British Empire's four principal overseas naval stations in the 18th and 19th centu...

Fort Augusta

Fort Augusta was built in 1756 at the Forks of the Susquehanna. The fort was located at a meeting place for several major Indian trails. It was an important stopping point for emissaries of the Iro...

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