Historical Sites (5)


Fort Michilimackinac

Fort Michilimackinac, located in Mackinaw City, Michigan, was built in 1715 by the French as a fur trading village and military outpost. In 1761 the French surrendered the fort to the British. As...

Fort St. Joseph Museum

Fort St. Joseph, located in Niles, Michigan, was originally built by the French Government in 1691, in response to the Iroquois Wars. It was the key to French control of the southern part of Lake ...

Fort Miami

When the French and Indian War began, Fort Miami became an important launching point for attacks against the British. Soldiers from the fort helped in many battles including Washington’s defeat at ...

Fort Detroit

Fort Detroit, formerly Fort Ponchartrain du Detroit, was established to keep the Iroquois and British out of Michigan. It was renamed Fort Detroit in 1760.

Fort de Repentigny

Fort de Repentigny was built in 1751 by the French to protect the fur trade. After the French and Indian War the British captured it in 1761. A fire destroyed the fort in 1762.