In all over the world more than 95 million luxury Louis Vuitton Outlet brands mentioned in the analysis of the social media, by the end of September to cover two years of data, the california-based company rather than social media analysis solutions, the company said in its report "brand passion" top ten American fashion brand, only the Coach made a top 15, 5 Coach also fell, although it do better in the us consumer, down a to 10th.
Rise in global rankings, the Louis Vuitton Outlet a top ranking, Chanel up 3 to 3, Burberry fourth (apple, not a fashion brand, ranked no. 2).Hermes down a to 5, Gucci drop 3 to 6, 2013, ranked at the top of the Rolex fell 7 to 8.T Hennessy Louis Vuitton Mo in the Louis Vuitton and Mo t Hennessy separated (38) -- fell to ninth, and Christian Dior ranked 10th.
Prada fell four to 11, London's Wild Swans from a year ago has reached 13, 212, the rise of Jimmy Choo 11 to 14, Armani up 6 to 23, thanks in part to from 35 up to one year ago Britain ranked first.The study analyzed the mention the frequency and intensity of Authentic louis vuitton online, whether it is the average consumer, blog or other media sources, no matter positive or negative expression of emotion is.So, despite the rise in apple seven to 2, its iPhone jump five to seven, on the company's overall online discussion atmosphere negative, although its overall perception as a luxury brand, and as a hot topic of social media.It compared with 2013 in the two, but 28 at the fair.
"For the brand, to participate in social dialogue, understanding, and to measure the social commentary is key for the company and its product," rather than chief marketing officer of Pernille Bruun - Jensen says, and points out that the Wild Swans rose could be due to the London store gift of luxury handbags.Wild Swans focus on fashion, and household items, Scandinavian according to Bruun - Jensen, online competition won the Liebeskind Myrthe handbags as "industry in 2013 of the largest online dialogue".
In addition to the Coach, the United States into the former 45 fashion brands and retailers including Louis Vuitton Handbags (down 5 to 16), Tiffany unchanged (19), Neiman Marcus (rose 17 to 36), Saks Fifth Avenue (falling nine to 37), Barneys New York rising (98-44).Nike fell 6 to 24.
Apple, the United States on the list of fashion brands have ford motor (down 3 to 20) and eBay (up 22 to 27).Ford in mercedes-benz (12) and BMW (17), but ahead of auto brands, such as nissan (31), jaguar (33), Acura (34), Honda (39), Toyota motor (40), ferrari (41) and Daimler (42).
Rather than emphasize that, in the study is left up to consumers to decide what constitutes "luxury", and, in some markets, consumers may think a brand in the luxury category, even in the local market or other places to see.
For online merchants such as amazon recently, alibaba deal with fake commodities such as fear, could lead to a decline in several brands such as Louis Vuitton Sale.Rather than pointed out that the brand mentioned, the word "fake" appear in more than 5%.
If high concern for counterfeit goods online, then it clearly reaction people pay attention to price of luxury goods.Based on the review of luxury brands online, in the United States and England were analyzed, and the top of the positive reaction is "love", "best" and "awesome", negative reactions appear most word is "can't afford to buy" and "foolish."In negative reaction,
"disappointed" is 7, in the United States, there are "hate", ranked sixth in the UK.
Not surprisingly, the handbag is a luxury was most prominent in online shopping.Whether to buy domestic or abroad, online or not online, Chinese consumers for these item and other luxury Louis Vuitton Outlet Online is more and more is also a prominent online talk about focus, rather than said.

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