2015 Louis Vuitton Artsy Sale early spring vacation series, Furla bag bag this time a weak refined style, go up, "she explains dynamic style.Vigorous breath let a person full of energy, the bag bag of energetic style, give a person a kind of persistent orientation of pure and fresh breath, the series with the dew of spring moisten our hearts and bags with a feast, and not to be missed fresh colour elegant main piece together a capable of style, variety of leather into guarantees the excellent product quality.The New Year, such as the spring breeze, Furla let you!
Furla2015 early spring vacation series frequency often travel in the era of women gather inspiration, they attach importance to all over the world through the Internet, their life style became the direction of this series design, elegant energy at the same time.
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Fusion Louis Vuitton online and fashionable vogue of the movement, create elegant capable of contemporary women, even between a pair of light shoes, in any size still can show the temperament of the outstanding fashion.
This series with fresh colour as a flagship, inject vitamin YouRuWei lady spring modelling, bright lemon yellow and sunshine, lovely yulan pink and pink peony, cool and refreshing mint green, lake green, the color and the color of camel's hair brown, khaki, cream and pink grey after partial neuter warm color fusion, piece together a spell able and decent fashion charm.
By the design details, Louis Vuitton Artsy Sale materials used, and exquisite craft, manifests the product the superior quality.Classic Saffiano cross grain leather, fabrics used Cervo fawn and Pop Star natural leather, leather and three different colors of python leather and natural color and texture of high-quality snakeskin leather.
Can say FENDI PEEKABOO is definitely one of the most popular Louis Vuitton Artsy bags in 2014, if you have one, is absolutely appreciation taste, delicate and lovely modelling variety of appearance design, make all the big coffee and stars to fondle admiringly.If you think a Chanel is the most desirable woman luxury handbags, in which the FENDI PEEKABOO series is absolutely, it is interesting to note about about expensive, don't think the Size is the price of the MINI paragraph is the most extravagant, especially MINI crocodile PEEKABOO, Europe and the United States for about 120000 yuan, in the country may not buy the right, the price already with Hermesde Kelly comparable.Of course, we not buy the fighter plane, the editor thought the basis of a delicate MINI is a joker.

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