However, in recent years, each big international Louis Vuitton Outlet brand designers and sales director will be ahead of the holiday shopping season in the United States to understand one thing: after two months of the year has now played which Chinese zodiac, so for the upcoming Chinese lunar New Year sales promotion to prepare early.
Although last year the Spring Festival golden week, luxury goods consumption in mainland China fell to their lowest level for 10 years, however, Europe and the United States long term tourist destination of unionpay consumption abroad turnover rose more than 50%.As the United States, Japan successively to ease Chinese visa requirements, this year the Spring Festival to the holidays are expected to cause more than last year.
And with the incentive to reduce, the increased number of free line, each big luxury brands are in the waiting game, after China's new consumer groups, consumption patterns and consumption trend, prepared in the coming during the Spring Festival golden week in cash.
Spring Festival show window, the new limited edition advertising, one can't be little
"Chinese consumers in the global market for luxury goods is a mainstay, and in the future, it will continue to be strengthened."Help zegna, Tom ford, mai Po r fashion brands such as China's consumer strategy of CLA Alice booker, a consultancy, said that in early 2014, saks fifth avenue in New York Manhattan Bergdorf Goodman once with the horse as the core element layout window display has achieved gratifying, and the show in the window of the lunar New Year this year have been ready, will be officially launched in the middle of February.
"In recent years, some international well-known luxury brand has spared no effort to attract Chinese consumers, on the occasion of arrival of the Chinese lunar year often various ingenious methods, this year is no exception, will only more."
Anti-corruption affect middle-aged consumer luxury Louis Vuitton Outlet good for young people
Eli booker admitted that China's anti-corruption will have negative impact on luxury goods sales, in the colleague and the media, under the supervision of China after 60 or 70 after no matter in domestic or overseas, particularly when they buy luxury goods please.But millennials (born 1985-1985) is becoming a luxury with the rise of new hope.This generation has already begun on jobs, economic independence gradually, the foreign brand culture more familiar, also more Authentic Louis Vuitton Bags willing to pay the premium in order to improve the quality of life.Mainstream consumer group of younger will drive the industry reshuffle, a group of established companies poor performance continue to pressure, while light and independent brand luxury goods for the new machine will be.
"LV this is mother's brand."A stroll after New York's fifth avenue 90 Chinese girl told reporters.Eli booker says, this kind of phenomenon is not uncommon.After China's 60, 70 after their beloved Louis vuitton, hermes or gucci in 80 after generation is not so popular, the latter are more inclined to dior, Celine or Chloe.And higher degree of internationalization, also prefer to do STH unconventional or unorthodox after 90 in addition to the European and American brands, will also be willing to chase the tide of Japanese and Korean brand.
And in order to strive for the rejuvenation of the Chinese consumer groups, each big established luxury brand is also involved in China's social media circle, and in the Spring Festival is in the form of Chinese traditional holidays kick off to attract potential customers.During the Spring Festival in 2014, the U.S. luxury brand coach once on micro letter platform to dole out red envelopes to consumers.
Don't cook good luxury is not luxury
In addition to using social media images embedded in the Chinese culture as well as new means to the consumers in China, the luxury goods industry wants to make money in Chinese consumers, but also for new spending habits.
Eli booker said, at present about 38% of China's outbound tourism tourists of young people aged 25 to 34 years old, and 67% is their travel arrangements, "this group of data is particularly important to the future development direction of luxury Authentic Louis Vuitton Outlet. Because visitors with tour groups and different, like the freedom, and also more international tourists will not go outside China each big famous restaurant, but pay more attention to" experience "."
Chinese consumers from the original luxury goods to show off, has gradually transition to represented by luxury the pursuit of quality of life and way of life.This is why some luxury goods already no longer stay on the level of leather, and expanding business scope to dress, red wine, restaurants and even cruise lines.
Bets in the New Year of the luxury brands in addition to the repair shop window shows, good new advertising, design, limited edition, play good Chinese social network, to study under the best New Year new dishes, and prepare a corresponds to the brand story and contemporary Chinese values.

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