LV cooperation with sichuan long bao ling new bags appearance makes people crazy!Let a person defenseless hole in the bag Will again want to boom up quite a while!Comme des Garcons of the founders of the brand to be radical and elegant aesthetic into Louis wei's iconic products, hole asymmetry of bold design and flash details to deduce the Sac platt, handbags, launched by striking "Bag with Holes," Louis Vuitton Epi Leather handbags.His long ling again with the design style of the freedom to interpret an imperfect perfect!
"Hole bag" released from a let people have a boiling passion, novel design style is absolutely let a person shine at the moment.This is sichuan long bao ling for Louis designed Vuitton160 anniversary limited edition.She broke the traditional design, in the classic LV printing design on the dig a hole, not perfect to show.Classic, sometimes also need to be reversed.
The characteristics of sichuan long bao ling is the devil of a genius design, only she could design such unique handbags.Every time a new design of Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Handbags outlet for sale is unique creative work, small handbag design, combined with creative a loophole in the modelling, the temptation of a crisis feeling arises spontaneously to stop.So it is really more see more lovely!
Sichuan long bao ling design "destructive" greatly strengthened the hollow out handbag is shaping up to be in fashion this year have a copy of the classic, innovation comes from heart, can let a person feel empathy works always the way in which wants to bring people the most sincere enthusiasm.
The sliding sideways bags will be many people have seen, although there are many ways of breakthrough innovation, but this time, sichuan long bowling adopted the most direct approach: on the fabric of the handbag, did very simple several punching processing.Sichuan long bao ling himself said that her personal prefer small handbag.
Louis vuitton Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Handbags outlet cooperation with sichuan long bao ling new series hollow out handbag
"Louis vuitton handbags sell hundreds of yuan only
The defendant a shi is hangzhou locals, who lives in the west of a village, no stable job before crime.
In court, giving a tells the story of "history" of his own.Give a originally opened a shop on taobao, last march, a few taobao sellers through taobao software "wangwang" in touch with her, claiming to be wholesale high copy famous brand bags, asked her if she is interested in "try"?
The population of "try" is to make some help its selling fake bag.Considering the monthly mortgage and kids fees in the home, and have no fixed income, one will move the heart.
Open a shop, you first need to sample a confession, the fake bags samples from several online shops on taobao of replenish onr's stock, stock prices are very low."As long as I have a crush on which bag, shoot down first, the other will send the sample bag."
So, give a home stocked up on more than 90, more than 100 famous brand fake handbags, giving a wrapped the fake pictures on the Internet, for buyers to choose.
Some argued in court, if there are buyers want to buy bags, she took the information to buyer's receiving agent factory, shipment, directly by the agent himself just act as the role of the "middleman".
In Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Handbags outlet order to improve the sales, some also mobilized the relatives and friends and colleagues to help online shop brush credibility.And adopt the way of the fill in false Courier number, makes her store the higher the credibility of the brush.
Until captured by the public security organ of a actual sales reached 220000 yuan, she also benefit from 3 to 50000 yuan.
It is understood that some caught, Louis Vuitton Epi Leather on sale, Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Handbags outlet for sale because give her the last delivery was checked, for her to come out.

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